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Ready-mixed concrete essential local sustainable - March 2016 — approx 2 mb
Ready-mixed concrete, an essential construction material locally available — approx 248kb


Concretes for Agricultural Use 2015 — approx 1.2mb


Concretes for Housing 2015 — approx 800kb

Practical guides for site personnel

Placing, compacting and curing concrete — approx 1.1mb
Site sampling and testing of concrete — approx 844kb


BRMCA Concrete Today 2013 — approx 6.1mb
Early Concrete Strength to Cut Capital Congestion — approx 311kb
Cement Type Early Age Properties — approx 387kb
Get the Right Quality on Site — approx 389kb
Quality Assured Ready-Mixed Concrete — approx 833kb
New Standards for Pavement Concrete — approx 171kb

Journal articles

Why the BS 8500 durability tables are the way they are - Published in Concrete June 2016 courtesy of the Concrete Society — approx 155kb
European Standardisation of new and innovative cements - Published in Concrete March 2016 courtesy of the Concrete Society — approx 281kb
British Concrete Standard (BS 8500) 3rd edition published April 2015  - Published in Concrete June 2015 courtesy of the Concrete Society — approx 145kb
Durability rules for the waves - Published in Concrete December 2014 courtesy of the Concrete Society — approx 310kb
Specifying durability by performance… — Published in Concrete December 2014 courtesy of the Concrete Society — approx 148kb
EN 206: 2013 is fit for purpose – final contributions Published in Concrete October 2014 courtesy of the Concrete Society — approx 159kb
EN 206: 2013 is fit for purpose Published in Concrete June 2014 courtesy of the Concrete Society — approx 293kb
Specifying Sustainable Concrete — approx 849 kb
Revision of BS 8500 — Published in Concrete April 2014 courtesy of the Concrete Society — approx 148kb
Chloride Content of hardened concrete – a flaw in the maritime code BS 6349-1-4 Published in Concrete April 2014 courtesy of the Concrete Society — approx 263kb

Papers and Proceedings

ERMCO Congress 2015 – The pros and cons of specifying strength at 91 days, Tom A Harrison — approx 652kb
ERMCO Congress 2015 – Model European EPDs for Concrete Admixtures, Trevor Grounds — approx 605kb
ERMCO Congress 2015 – Combating ASR to enable usage of local aggregates in Turkey, Rob Lewis — approx 891kb
ERMCO Congress 2015 – Use of Roller Compacted Concrete in Composite Solutions for Highways, Steve J Crompton — approx 1.12mb
ERMCO Congress 2015 – Assessment of concrete compressive strength in structures, Tom A Harrison — approx 941kb
ERMCO Congress 2015 – UK Procedures for the Use of Additions as Part of Cement in Concrete, Chris A Clear — approx 966kb
ERMCO Congress 2015 – Market Development the UK Experience, Andrew Minson — approx 643 kb
ERMCO Congress 2015 - XVII ERMCO Congress Istanbul 2015 - Proceedings — approx 18.3 mb
ICT Guide to changes in BS EN 206:2013, courtesy of the Institute of Concrete Technology — approx 254kb
Aggregates their Role in Concrete and the Green Agenda — approx 921kb
Durability Performance Models & Test Methods — approx 543kb
UK Concrete Industry Sustainable Construction Strategy — approx 193kb

BRMCA best practice

Managing concrete wash waters on site October 2012 – approx. 42kb

Managing concrete plant water and wash water June 2016 – approx. 48kb

External website files

MPA The Concrete Centre also offers a number of additional publications, such as

For a range of other technical information, please visit: www.concretecentre.com

ERMCO (The European Ready Mixed Concrete Organisation) offers additional publications, such as:

and others may be found at www.ermco.eu publications.


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