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British Standard for Concrete – Corrigenda

Corrigendum 1 of the British Standard for Concrete Part 1, BS 8500-1 :2015+A1:2016 was published in August 2016. This addressed a typographical and format error.

Highways England – Roller Compacted Concrete

The first stage of the Highways England/Britpave/MPA project to include RCC in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, and draft the necessary additional changes to the Specification for Highway Works and Notes for Guidance Series 1000, is complete. The draft documentation is about to be delivered to Highways England so they can have the content reviewed externally, with a view to publication in 2017. Highways England see this as a significant development with respect to achieving best value for their Highways programme.

Image: Roller compacted concrete for a heavily trafficked urban transport hub.

In-Situ Strength Assessment to the Revised EN 13791

It is evident that the forthcoming revision of EN 13791 will change the way the compressive strength class of recently supplied concrete is assessed using in-situ testing.  The BRMCA Concrete Technical Panel have had two special meetings to consider the implications in detail and are currently working on a guidance document for members.

BRMCA Excellence in Customer Service Award - 2016

Entries for the 2016 BRMCA Excellence in Customer Service Award are in double figures where a shortlist will be published in late September.

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